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Leo Trio (M65, M66, NGC3628)

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This image © Copyright 2008, Michael Fulbright

I've never been able to image this group of galaxies before and I decided it would be one of the first projects for my new Epsilon 180ED. I believe the fast optical system really helped me with the moderate light pollution I image under in my backyard. This is only about 1.5 hours of data which usually is not enough to get any real strong color with the slower refractors I've been imaging with to date. This image has been processed using Photoshop CS3 and PixInsight Standard. In particular I found the LRGB composition tool in PixInsight to be quite powerful.

Acquisition Details:
Date: 04/16/2007
Exposure: L: 30x2 min, RG: 12x1.5 minutes, B: 12x2 minutes - RGB binned 2x2
Telescope: Takahashi Epsilon 180ED
Mount: Atlas EQ-G
Camera: SXV-H9