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M11 (Wild Duck Cluster)

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This image © Copyright 2008, Michael Fulbright

I decided to see if I could make my GSO 200mm f/4 a longer focal length imaging instrument. By adding a 2 inch Sievert 1.5x Barlow I bumped the focal length up to 1200mm. With my SXV-H9 camera that gives me a pixel scale of 1.17 arc-seconds/pixel, which is a good match for the seeing in this area from my experience. I believe I could have focused better but overall the scope did well.

Acquisition Details:
Date: 06/21/2007
Exposure: R:G:B : 15:15:25 x 30 sec
Telescope: GSO 200mm f/4 + Siebert Optics 1.5x Barlow
Mount: Atlas EQ-G
Camera: SXV-H9 + Astronomik RGB filters