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M4 Cluster
Lucy-Richardson Deconvolution

This is the first light for the new 10" Newtonian I had built for imaging. There was a thunderstorm moving in so I just had time for some quick shots. The mount was steady with all the weight (about 40 lbs of telescope and instruments). Some wind caused problems in a few frames I had to get rid of however. Stars seem to be well corrected to the edges. My flat field was taken the day after and was in a different focus position and orientation than the L frames were taken but it worked well. No vignetting seems to be present.

Acquisition Details:
Date: 06/24/2006
Exposure: L: 25x30 sec
Telescope: DBA Astronomy Certified 10" f/5 Newtonian + MPCC corrector
Mount: MI-250
Camera: SXV-H9