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I had some clear weather to check out this new Imaging Source DMK 21F04 camera which I have on loan. It uses a similar chip as the Toucam Pro, but its a B&W chip (the Sony ICX098BL). Its a firewire camera and I could get 30 fps UNCOMPRESSED from it. Unfortunately the seeing was pretty bad. Watching the Moon dance around at 30 jps is pretty amazing! I think the extra frame rate did allow me to grab some more good frames in a given time interval. I'll need another try before I can say whether its worth the money but so far I'm having fun with it.

Acquisition Details:
Date: 04/28/2004
Exposure: Various, generally 1/64 or 1/128 of a second
Telescope: Celestron C8
Mount: Vixen GP/DX
Camera: Imaging Source DMK 21F04