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This image © Copyright 2008, Michael Fulbright

One of the First images I took at the MASP. It was one of the best nights I'd ever been out observing. For some reason I had a bad color gradient that was tricky to deal with and the sky background suffered as a result. The object takes up so much of the frame that its hard to fit the gradient! It is also hard to get a handle on what colors the galaxy should have, as almost every example of this object on the Internet seems to have noticably different colors!

Acquisition Details:
Date: 11/02/2005
Exposure: L: 90 min (18x5 min unbinned), RGB: 32 min each (8x4 minutes, unbinned)
Telescope: Takahashi FS-60C + UV block filter
Mount: Vixen GP/DX
Camera: SXV-H9