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This image © Copyright 2008, Michael Fulbright

My first attempt at M45. It was tough coming up with the exposure time to use but 2 minutes seem to pull in some whispy structure without blowing the stars up too badly. This is a tough object to process. I can see coming back with some more B data and another try at processing to see how much I can pull out.

This is my third processing attempt. Here are the first and second attempts. Then Warren Keller gave me some advice on processing and I came up with this effort. Thanks Warren!

Acquisition Details:
Date: 12/13/2004
Exposure: L:30x2 min R:20x2min G:15x2min B:10x2min (L binned 1x1, rest 2x2)
Telescope: Tak Sky 90 + Flattener (405mm)
Mount: MI-250
Camera: SXV-H9