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This image © Copyright 2018, Michael Fulbright

This galaxy is also known as the Sunflower Galaxy. Imaged from my backyard which was probably about a mag 4 sky the evenings I imaged. Combined with Maxim DL and processed in Photoshop CS. I used many of the ideas from Ron Wodaski's Zone System to pull out some fainter detail. I also used the High Pass filter in Photoshop to create layer masks to emphasize some fine details without decreasing the signal to noise, which is a technique I've seen used by lunar imagers.

As an example of what alot of short exposures can do, here is a display of a single L frame and the combination of all L frames.

Date: 05/23/2006 and 05/29/2006
Telescope: Celestron C8 @ f/6.3
Mount: MI-250
Camera: SXV-H9
Exposure: L: 115 x 1 min, RGB: 15,15,20 x 3min