M3 Lucy-Richardson Deconvolution Example

This page shows some test images I took with a GSO 200mm f/4 Newtonian with a SXV-H9 CCD camera. I am using a Baader MPCC to correct for the off-axis coma which comes with the Newtonian design.

If you mouseover the image you will see an attempt I made to use DDP and Lucy-Richardson deconvolution to enhance the image.

There are some slight artifacts around the brighter star which may be due to misspacing of the MPCC from the imaging chip as well as miscollimation. However I'm very happy with the way the deconvolution helped resolve the core.

This data was taken on a night with lots of haze and a almost full Moon (an "engineering night"!) so I was not able to bring out much beyond the core. In fact visually only a few stars and Jupiter were visible given all the sky brighness!